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Ways of development

ForexStart company is the representative of  Tim Group Limited and provides a wide range of service and consulting at the world of financial markets.

We offer the round-the-clock trade in the Forex market in a real time mode through the Internet or telephone desk. Each client is provided by the trade platform  MetaTrader 4 intended for carrying out trading activities and for technical analysis.

Our reputation is very important for us. When you choose our company, you get a reliable broker which takes an individual approach to every client.

No matter the size of the deposit is, every client is offered the best and low-cost terms for trading: the best software, interbank terms, no commissions for trades, analysis. We offer a unique opportunity to set the leverage.

Сompany History

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The biggest dealer at Forex market on number of clients and the size of trading turn over. Approximately, 87% of our traders earn money, and don't lose it.

Our mission

We provide the best inter-bank conditions for everyone. We help beginners and those who still haven't earned enough money to start their trading career.

We need people who can make money with their brains

We work with the biggest market makers carrying our overall position at the interbank market, and in some cases, we also carry out positions of individual traders at the market. We never play against our clients. So when you work at World markets, you can be sure that this is not a roulette – you make money from exchange rates.

The other mission is to help beginers and those who haven't made enough money to start their trading career. The main problem for any trader is psychological stress and inability to regard money in an account as a tool. As psychological research worldwide has shown, the best way to conquer the barrier is to start trading with micro deposits. We need people who can make money with their brains.

Company Data

Name of the company:汇发集团 
Legal address:  China

If you have any questions, concerning work of our company, please write at our help desk: info@forexstart.org