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Contest "The great confrontation"

Results of a current contest

To win a prize

Each participant receives at his account 5000$
Leverage 1:200
By results of a day trade are chosen the winners, those people who managed to earn most.
Prizes are given to participants who taken, 1-21 places.

Distribution of prizes

Place Prize
1 500$

50$ - 12$

F: 54$-2*place


20% bonuses on account at cashin

(50$ - 200$)


Server: ForexStart-Demo

Participation in contest is not free, it costs 0.1$

If you are a prize holder of previous contests (twice this year), the cost of participation is $2

Multiple registration is forbidden

Starting date: 2018.04.06 01:00

Date of ending: 2018.04.07 01:00

Attention! Time by MT4 server

Prize is impossible to withdraw, you can withdraw only profit from it. From 2 to 30 place receive 20% bonus at the first deposit - not less than 50 and no more than $200. Bonuses and prizes are written off at the first charge off. The person who taken the 1 place can't participate further in a contest.
Attention! The contest comes to an end at 0:00 on server time. Transactions can be closed within several minutes - to 0:05
Prizes can be requested after 03:00, in 3 hours after the end of a contest.
To make this contest honest, we offer to each participant the public investment password (Forexstart100). With it you can login the account of any participant and observe his warrants, as during the contest as also after it.


For participation in competition fill a form

Not less than 5 symbols, Should present the figures and Latin letters

It is also necessary to specify the trading account on our server