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Contest "Friends and Forex"

Results of previous contests

Conditions of participation

  • 1 → Bring together not less than 5 people.
  • 2 → Make a photo of you together with FXstart banner
  • 3 → Each of you has to open the real account in our DTs and fill up it for $5
  • 4 → Send us a list of real accounts
  • 5 → To start competition fill a form below
  • 6 → Duration - from a week to one month
  • 7 → You need to Send a photo of the winner with our banner


One account can participate only 1 time.

You can deposit an account through any payment system except W1 (Visa/MasterCard, Cellular communication, Cash) and account transfer.

It is impossible deposit the accounts, which take part in contest from one wallet.

The winner has to make at least 10 transactions and at least double his account.

Trade has to be carried out by different people from different computers. There shouldn't be an obvious repetition of ip.

Choose the curator, the person to whom you trust. He will receive all information on email. He also has to have a real account.
Don't overload the page till you haven't received the message that an application is submitted or which is entered incorrectly.

After application - it will consider and either will be approved, or refused. In both cases you the letter notification will come. In first case - it will contain a code for receiving a prize in case of a competition prize, in the second a cause of failure.

The prize is equal $2 * number of participants. I.e. if 5 people - a prize is $10. If $15-30. The request for a prize should be applied on this page -  http://www.forexstart.com/contests/friends-final

For participation in competition fill a form

Request is sent
Accounts of participants:
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