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Contest "Guess a rate"

The gist of the Contest is to guess the rate of EURUSD which will be at the time of market closing at the end of the next week.
Requests for taking part in the contest are accepted from Monday till Friday on the current contest. Results appear on Saturdays of the next week.
The participant enters the estimated price which, in his opinion, will be at the end of the next week. It is impossible to mark the price that was already marked.
An amount of rates from one account isn't limited.
The winner is the person, whose price will be the nearest one. He receives the whole bank. At ambiguity (rates 1 and 3 and dropped out 2), the sum is halved. Payments are enlisted automatically at the course announcement.
The sum of the prize consists of the money which was paid by participants who took part in the contest.
Results of the current competition will appear next Saturday: 14 april 2018
Rate EURUSD for previous contest ( 29 january 2018 - 03 february 2018 ): 1.2251
(Whether) winner of competition (29 january 2018 - 03 february 2018 ) accounts (an estimated course):
The prize made: $ 1.2 on each winner

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The list of participants on the current contest

(02 april 2018 — 07 april 2018)
Account Estimated course
At present on the current competition there is no participant.
* botForexStart is a casual rate of the ForexStart company in order that there will be a minimum of rates. The rate goes twice a day - at 6.00 and at 15.00 - at the current prices.