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As it is clear from the name - graphic objects are the prices, which are put on graphics or windows of indicators, the objects, by means of which, the graphics are presented more visualy, with the help of allocating graphic elements, which allow the trader to carry out his analytical work more effectively.

Graphical objects can be very simple, as for example a line,

or a text tag,

but also rather complicated constructions, which comprise from a few lines,as for example a grid

or a fan of Fibonacci.

All graphic tools are available in the Insert menu where for convenience of choice, they are grouped in categories:



Tools for work by theory of Gann,

Tools for work with use of ranks of Fibonacci,

Geometrical figures,

Badges, shooters, tags and other objects.

Below in the Insert menu you can see the list of graphic tools, which you use more than ohers.

To impose graphic object on the graphic - choose it from the list and by a click of a mouse insert the necessary quantity of points in the chosen window.

Some objects demand only one point of a link. For example, it can be the simple horizontal line, or any badge.

For other objects two points should be noted. For example, Trend line or Rectangle.

More difficult objects can demand the bigger quantity of points of a binding, for example, the Triangle, or Channels.

Despite such variety of options, the principles of work with all types of graphical works are applied the general rules, which makes any work simple and clear.

After putting the object you can change its location  and a configuration, using the markers. Markers become visible after you insert an object with a mouse (by default it is a double click of a mouse).

By means of extreme markers you can change an object form, by means of an average - to move it within a window.

To create the object copy quickly - move it having taken a middle marker, holding the pressed key Ctrl on the keyboard.

To delete allocate an object or group of objects, then use a context menu of object, or press the Delete key.

Please, delete the objects consistently, in back order of its creation, pressing the Backspace key.