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Each object which is in window of the terminal possesses its own property.

To get access to the list of properties of object and their values - inserrt an object and execute point of Property of its context menu.

The window of properties of object contains some tabs of different functions.

On a tab the General you can see the following settings:

Name - a unique name of an object, which is appropriated to it automatically, in the process of creation. However you can change it, for example, if you want to distinguish this object in the list from a set of the similar ones.

Description - in this field you can add any description of an object. If in settings of the graphic the option "Show Descriptions of Objects" is added, this description will be shown on graphics directly near the object.

Style - here you can define color of lines of an object, their style and thickness.

To draw as a background - setting of this option allows to carry out background filling of such objects, as Figures and Channels. Thus objects are drawn in a separate layer - under the graphic.

The tab "Parameters" comprises the points of a binding of objects which you can also change manually.

For some objects there is also an option - the Beam. When this option is switched off - linear objects are drawn from one set point, to another.

If the option Beam is on, - the line as though proceeds to infinity.

Parameters can also present in a tab and the other parameters depending on specifics of concrete object. It can be, for example, an object tilt angle in degrees counterclockwise, or a code of a graphic badge.

On the "Display" tab you can insert - on which timeframes will be displayed the given object and on which it won't. It can be very convenient when you do the analysis on minute timeframes, the main works thus carrying out on the large periods, such as 1 Days or 4 Hours.

For objects of Fabiocci

the tab "Levels of Fibonnacci" on which you will be able to change, add and delete the necessary levels will be available. "By the default" button restores reference values of levels.

If in the field "Description" to enter a combination of symbols "Percent Dollar" in a necessary place, on graphics will be displayed also the value of the price corresponding to this level.