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Lines - is the most frequent toolin analysis of tendencies.

In a terminal arsenal of the Metatrader 4 some types of objects of this type are available.

The horizontal line. This object serves for drawing the price on the graphic of levels. For example, to designate the support or resistance levels. For drawing the horizontal line it is enough to point only one point on the graphic.

The vertical line. This object as well as the horizontal line is applied on the graphic with the indication of only one point on graphics. A vertical line is drawn via all the screen, including additional windows of indicators if to put it within a window with the price chart.

If you put the vertical line in an indicator window - the line will be only in limits of that window in which you have created it. It is convenient to use vertical lines when it is required to designate any date on graphics, or to make visual comparison of values of indicators on concrete bar or a candle.

Trend line. The irreplaceable tool for identification and the analysis of tendencies on price charts. To put the trend line on the graphic it is required to choose this tool at a toolbar or use the Insert menu, then to press the left key of a mouse in that place where it will be the first point of the trend line, and without releasing to stretch the line to its second point. Release the left key of a mouse, and the object "the trend line" will be created.

To change the trend line, or to correct its locationsituation - allocate object by means of extreme markers and specify an arrangement of extreme points of the line.

It is more convenient to move the line entirely having seized it for the middle marker. Besides, use the option "Beam" on a tab "Parameters" of a window of Property of a graphic object,

that the trend line won't be restricted by the given points, and as though to be proceeded to infinity in direction from the first point to the second.

The trend line on an angle - also serves for detection of tendencies, but in difference from general trend line it allows to set an angle of the creation precisely.

To correct the value of a slope angle of this line, use a tab Parameters of a window of the Object property.