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Trend lines - is a frequently used tool in the trend analysis in the market Forex.

For installation of the trend line you should select the "insertion" - "line" - "the trend line"

And to set it on a graphic having chosen two points - the Line will be carried out from the first point to the second and will be continued to infinity.

After setting a line, it can be selected with a double click and after that to drag it to the other place, or to change its slope angle.

For a call of a property window select the trend line, click the right mouse button and select a Property item.

As you can see, in a tab Parameters you can set two points through which the trend line shall pass.

As well as normal horizontal lines, a trend line can be the line of resistance or the support line.

The main and the most important characteristic of a trend line is an angle of its inclination. And sometimes it is necessary to know it for sure. In this case, we can set a special view of the trend line "The Trend Line on an Angle" on the diagram. For this purpose it is necessary to select the "insertion" - "line" menu item - "The trend line on an angle"

During installation this line we can see on what angle it is tilted, what is necessary for its accurate installation.

If we set two trend lines, they will be called together as the channel,

but sometimes it is convenient to set the channel directly about what we will talk in next steps.