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Generally the channel is the price range, restricting oscillations of the price.

Channels can be  horizontal, for example in time of flat and also the inclined lines - when there is a tendancy on market. Besides channels also differ by a method of determination and creation of the boundaries.

The channel of the linear regression - for creation of this channel two points are set on - an initial and a finite one.

Boundaries of the channel are built automatically with the use of statistical techniques. It is possible to say that the more expressed movement of the price will be presented on the selected diagram section, the narrower will be the boundaries of the channel of the linear regression.

The equidistant or trend channel - this graphic tool allows to build the simple channel of two parallel lines the distance between which is set manually.

For its creation it is necessary to define a channel inclination by two points, and then to set distance between channel boundaries, using a marker on the second line.

The channel of a standard deviation - this channel type is similar to the channel of the linear regression, as in case of calculation of its boundaries the of mathematical statistics methods are also used.

In this case the distance between boundaries of the channel is calculated, as the given quantity of standard deviations of the price from its mean value on a certain time span. The standard deviation is a statistical parameter which is calculated automatically, and the quantity of deviations can be set in object properties.

Fibonacci channel is a channel, an inclination and a width which you set manually by yourself, but the additional levels are calculated authomatically, which are calculated in the percentage of the current width of the channel with the use of key values of rows Fibonachchi. It is possible to set deviations in object properties.

It should be noted that in properties of this object you can independently define quantity and values of these levels. Thus it isn't necessary them to have any  relation to Fibonacci rows.