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For installation of the line of Gunn you should select the insertion menu item - "Gunn" - "Gunn's Line"

Gunn's line is one more type of trend lines - the most frequent used tools for the analysis of a trend in the market Forex. It represents the line drawn at an angle in 45 degrees.

This line is also called  "one to one" that means one change in price for a unit of time. According to Gunn's concept, the line at an angle always represents a long-term trend line to forty five degrees.

We will study the diagram. We can see that the prices are under the rising line, it means that the market adheres to the bull direction.

Otherwise, the prices keep under the falling line that characterize the market as bear.

Intersection of the line of Gunn with the price signals about a fracture of the main tendency.

If the price during a raising trend falls to Hannah's line, time and the price are completely equilibrated that is a focal point - the price can cross Gunn's line that will mean tendency change.

For relocation, Gunn's line can also be selected and dragged in any right place. For a call of a property it is necessary to cause the shortcut menu clicking by the right mouse button and to select "Properties".