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For installation of the Fan of Gunn you should select the insertion menu item - "Gunn" - "Gunn's Fan"

Gunn's fan - one of the most difficult graphic creations.

Lines of the Fan are built under different angles of the base, set by you or peaks on the price diagram.

The trend line "One to one" which also is called as "Gunn's line", is considered the most important.

As it was told in the previous tutorial, the provision of the price over this line is a sign of the bull market,

below it - bear.

In other words, the central part of a fan of Gunn is the powerful line of support and resistance.

Further in Gunn's fan there are eight main angles which also are support and resistance lines, which depend on finding of the price settle down.

We will call these lines:

1х8 — 82,5 degrees.

1х4 — 75 degrees

1х3 — 71,25 degrees

1х2 — 63,75 degrees

1х1 — 45 degrees

2х1 — 26,25 degrees

3х1 — 18,75 degrees

4х1 — 15 degrees

8х1 — 7,5 degrees

As we see, these lines help to understand in what status is a trend.

Further, we will consider some strategy in which Gunn's fan is used.

We will review some examples. We will select peak and we will lower a fan on the descending trend. As we see, "Gunn's Line" is the powerful line of support

Here, "Gunn's Line" is the powerful line of resistance

In this case, the line of Gunn's fan is the support line