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For installation of the Grid of Gunn you should select the insertion menu item - "Gunn" - "Gunn's Grid"

Gunn's grid completely consists of Gunn's Lines.

Gunn's line is one more type of trend lines - the most frequent tools for the analysis of a trend in the market Forex. It represents the line drawn at an angle in 45 degrees. This line is also called "one to one" that means one change in price to a unit of time.

As it was already said, Gunn's lines always represent powerful lines of support

or resistance

and intersection of each item can create powerful impulse for further movement.

We will study the picture. It is visible that when the prices are over the rising line, it means that the market adheres to the bull direction.

When the prices are under the falling line it means that the market adheres to the bear direction

Сетка Ганна является мощным инструментом, но ее не рекомендуется использовать начинающим трейдерам , так как при неправильной установке она будет давать неправильные сигналы на покупку или продажу.