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For installation of Fan of Fibonacci you should select the insertion menu item - "Fibonacci" - "Fan"

The fan of Fibonacci is one of the most difficult graphic creations.

In case of creation f fan of Fibonacci usually select two opposite peaks and between them build a fan of Fibonacci

The others, automatically built lines, considered to bethe lines of support and resistance.

As we see, the line of a fan of Fibonacci specified us a trend line,

the second line specified the middle of a trend near which there was a price,

the last line has become the powerful line of support- resistance from which the price was repelled for several times.

In other words, in this case, the fan of Fibonacci helped us to take a complete movement.

According to its signals you should open here

and a close moment.

Also were possible the openings here and here.

In this case, you could receive a serious profit.

We want to remind that any creations of Fibonacci require a wide experience. The small error at the beginning of creation leads to serious problems which can bring to diffculties with profit receiving and also can lead to a loss.