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Let's assume that your deposit comprises 800 US dollars. In case of a leverage 1:100, you have opportunity to operate up to 80 000 US dollars. Let's assume that in the morning you have sold GBPUSD on 1.9927. In the evening, in case of deceleration of advance of a pound, you closed a line item on 1.9762, having earned 165 pips of profit.


If you risked all your deposit, your profit made about $1300 a day. However, in this case, you completely assumed risks of Force majeur circumstances that isn't recommended.

For the full-fledged growth of the capital, and reduction of risk of a force majeure (lets consider an act of terrorism or the sharp growth of unemployment in separately to the taken country), no more than 30% of the capital that gives profit about $400 in similar day for original $800 of the capital is offered to risk.

If you have a micro deposit (less than 50 dollars), the income % usually is much more, because of more accurate distribution of money between transactions (up to cents).

Certainly, comes a natural question: if it is impossible to risk all deposit even in case of a leverage 1:100 why we give to traders a leverage 1:200? This question is smilar to the question "Why on really good machines we can disperse up to 200 if on highways it is forbidden to move with a speed more than 120?"

The matter is that such an approach gives you improbable opportunities for simultaneous investment into different financial instruments and diversifications of risks.

For example, you decided to earn money on movement of dollar on Friday movement after news on the American economy:
16:30  PCE Core Chain Wt Price Index
16:30  PCE Chain Wt Price Index
16:30  Personal Expenditures
16:30  Personal Income
16:30  Average Workweek
16:30 Avg Hourly Earnings
16:30 Unemployment Rate
16:30 Quantity of new workplaces out of agriculture - Non-farm Payrolls

It is known that in 90% of cases, after an output of so serious pack of news, the dollar goes more than 50 pips against the main currencies (often, more than 100). According to it, to the analysis. You select the direction of movement and you enter the transaction not on one currency pair (as it was offered above), and on the whole group of couples, so-called couples allies. Sharply reducing risk, and increasing profitability. In case of value of your deposit on $200, putting for $20 in each couple, you enter into four main couples:

график GBPUSD







Having received 50 pips of profit on each couple and having increased, thus, the deposit approximately on 50% (in our case, having made $300 of $200) in some hours.

But it is not all advantages which you can receive from a big leverage!

Many of our clients (usually, it is the people who already got a certain experience in the market) don't like to devote to trade in the market much time, preferring to do favorite things, only occasionally (we will tell, time at 4-5 o'clock) having looked at the terminal, changing the line items.

Not so long ago, one of our clients increased the deposit more than 3 times in two weeks (from 1400 dollars to 5300) using old, as the financial world method: adding to an advantageous line item new lots on a trend, in case of each rollback.

Three transactions brought to it (on sequence) 417 + 321 + 233,  971 pips. That, in case of its original deposit 1200 and risk on each transaction about $110, gave in the amount a deposit gain to $5300.


Certainly, so explicit and easily undertaking trends happen not always. And not all like transactions, which last for some weeks (if there is an opportunity to sit in front of the computer permanently). Nevertheless, we give to the clients the chance to earn money with this method.

Not afraid of experiment! Good luck in this market waits only for those who really looks for methods to earn. And we will help you with it by all means!