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ex (Foreign Exchange Market) — the global market on a currency exchange at the coordinated (global) course. Volumes of this market incomparably are more, than summary volumes of all remaining markets. Daily turn is more than 3 trillion dollars.

Thanks to its scales, high liquidity and profitability, this market is the most attractive market for investors.

According to the experts astimation, trade in currency — is one of the most perspective and profitable directions of the modern business. Moreover, this market isn't a subject to any risks separately of the taken countries (for what a famous the stock markets).

The currency market is "off-exchange" and doesn't take precisely a certain place of trade. It is a huge network, the financial centers connected among themselves between which there is the continuous 5/24 currency exchange. At any moment you can be connected to the world financial market by our company.
Currencies of the Forex market

Principal currencies:
Name Decryption
EUR Euro
USD US dollar
GBP English pound sterling
JPY Japanese yen
CHF Swiss franc
AUD Australian dollar
CAD Canadian dollar

The minor currencies:
NZD New Zealand dollar
SEK Swedish krona
DKK Danish krone
NOK Norwegian krone
SGD Singapore dollar
ZAR Southern African rand


The daily volume of conversion operations in World makes about 2,5-3 trillion US dollars. On London market is about 30% of a turn, on share of the markets of the USA — is 20% and on Germany — is 10%. Operations with involvement of US dollar make 70%. Today 15% of a turn of the FOREX market falls to the share of electronic brokers.

The main thing that will demand the market for successful operation —is not quantity of money with which you will enter it. The main thing — is ability to concentrate on operation all the time, understanding of its mechanisms and interests of participants; this continual improvement of the trade approaches and discipline in case of their implementation.

Assignment of the FOREX market as a place of use of personal financial, intellectual and mental force at all not in trying to catch there a bird of happiness. Sometimes someone manages it, but not for a long time. The principal advantage of the currency market is the possibility to achieve success by power of the intelligence.

The client signs the contract with the company under which the last undertakes at the request of the client at own expense and on its own behalf to realize operations. Thus it has a risk of losses from making of similar transactions therefore the client  puts on the deposit in bank a certain amount as a pledge. The size of this deposit is defined proceeding from the amount of the bargains concluded by bank and the credit shoulder provided to the client. If the dealing company receives a loss from the performed operation, the investor has obligations to it in the amount of this loss which become covered from the mortgage deposit; if the company got profit on the performed operation, it has obligations to the investor in the amount of this profit.

The course of a currency pair — is a unit of one currency expressed by another unit. For example, the phrase "euro exchange rate against the American dollar (EUR/USD) is equal 1.2505" means that 1 euro costs 1.2505 US dollars.

By analogy with currency exchange office, the course consists of two digits: bid (left) and аsk (right). Bid — is a price at which you can sell the currency costing to the first in an abbreviation (in our example is a euro), and to buy the appropriate quantity of currency, standing to the second in an abbreviation (in our example — US dollar). Ask — is the price at which you can buy the currency costing to the first in an abbreviation (in our example — euro), and to sell the appropriate quantity of currency, standing to the second in an abbreviation (in our example — US dollar). Spread  — a difference between Ask and Bid.