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For installation of the Index of the Trade Channel on the graphic, we will press the button Indicators at a toolbar and will select from the appeared menu Trend - commodity channel index

After that, appears a window where we can change properties of the exposed indicator. We can select the averaging period, a method, fixing of a minimum and maximum, and also visual settings.

In a method we specify the prices to which the indicator is applied. These are the prices of closing, opening, a maximum, a minimum or their different sheaves.

Index of the Trade Channel also called Si Si Ai - shows the normed (that is, calculated as a percentage) moment oscillator. Si Si Ai measures a deviation of average current market price from the average sliding price of the period of N which is set in settings.

Calculation of the indicator occurs on the following formula Where T is averaging, MA - sliding average and D - a deviation from sliding average.

The formula Si Si Ai gives number, convenient for use, which displays, how far final prices have left from a moving average (the line of equilibrium).

Most often, as signals Si Si Ai is used the intersection of the line of the indicator with lines +100 and-100 which we can fix in settings.

As it is seen on the picture, it perfectly consults on sharp saltuses of the price when the trend is beaten after a flat out from a corridor.

Let's study one of a strategy. Let's set at the same time Si Si Ai together with Bolindzher's lines. In case of achievement of level 100 we put on breakthrough of the line of Bolindzher.

If the price reaches Bolindzher's band, but Si Si Ai havent reached a hundred or a minus hundred percent, we put on a rebound from Bolindzher's line.

As you can see, this linking of indicators is not bad both on a trend, and on a flat.