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For installation of Paroblic SAR on the graphic, we should click the button Indicators at a toolbar and  select from the appeared menu Trend - Parabolic SAR

After that, appears a window where we can change properties of the exposed indicator. We can select a step, at maximum, and also visual settings of the indicator.

The indicator parabolic SAR – is unique. It doesn't give an accurate strategy of an input, however it can be perfectly used for an output from the transaction on the principle of the sliding stop. As you see, on a graphics this indicator looks as queue of the points following a trend.

The held testings showed that this indicator is fitted only to placement of stop-losses.

Pieses of advice for its application given in "classical" literature as an input indicator (and even moreover, "revolutionary") can carry to losses. But, perhaps, we simply couldn't pick up the other indicator for use as the filter. Observations over the beginning traders showed a huge psychological advantage which gives them Parbolic Sar. With its help it is easier to learn "to give profit for grow", but not to cut it on a root that carries to the sharp growth of the income.