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For installation of the Indicator of Strength of Bulls on the graphics, we should click the button Indicators at a toolbar and select from the appeared menu Ocillators - Bulls Power.

After that, appears is a window where we can change properties of the exposed indicator. We can select an averaging period, a method, to fix a minimum and a maximum, and also visual settings

In the Si Si Ms method we specify the prices to which the indicator is used. These are the prices of closing, opening, maximum, minimum or their different sheaves.

Extremely seldom the used indicator which on an intention of developers would show the relative strength of bulls and bears,

however during research it was so bad that we don't advise to apply it. Or, to apply only after serious testing.

The indicator is opposite in sense to the indicator of Bears Strength which can be added on graphic by means of the button Indicators at a toolbar and Ocillators  choice - Bears Power.