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For installation of the Indicator of Ishimoku on graphic, we should click the button Indicators at a toolbar and select from the appeared menu Ocillators - Ishimoku kinko haio

After that, there is a window where we can change three properties of the exposed indicator.

These properties mean the following: tenkan-san shows middle value of the price for a first period of time defined as an amount of a maximum and a minimum during this time, divided into two. Kidzhun-Saint shows a middle value of the price for the second period. Senkou Span of B shows the middle value of the price for the third period of time, shifted forward on value of the second time slot.

After setting the graphic we see rather bright picture, to understand which is not so easy.

It is possible to say that the Cloud of Ishimok - is one of the most ambiguous technical indicators. It has also many supporters, and a great number of opponents. Officially, Ishimok Kinko Hayo is intended for determination of a market trend, levels of support and resistance and for generation of signals of purchase and sale. Best of all the indicator works at week and day diagrams.

The distance between Senkou's lines is hatched on a graphics in other color and is called a "Cloud".

If the price is between these lines, the market is considered to be not a trend one

and edges of a cloud form support and resistance.

If the price is over a cloud, its upper lines form the first support, and the second - the second one.

If the price is under a cloud, the lower line forms the first resistance, an upper – the second.

If the line a chinkoa span crosses the price chart from below up, it is a signal to purchase.

If from top to down - is a signal for sale.

Kidzhun-sen ("Base line") is used as an index of movement of the market.

If the price is higher than it, the prices will probably continue to grow

Tenkan-sen ("The turning line") is used as the indicator of a market trend.

If this line grows or falls - the trend exists.

When it goes horizontally - the market has entered the channel.

According to description each line represents the middle of the price range for a certain period.

The advocated indicator of Ishimok means that any line of Ishimok instantly reacts to appearance of a new extremum for the time span. There is no delay. On a trend this very useful property. However, on a flat it leads to a huge number of false signals (which, however, are partially filtered by two lines)

It is possible to say that in the line Chinkou Span we identify our old acquaintance – Momentum who, as we know, isn't the ideal indicator.

The author advises to set the following values - 9, 26, 52. As it is told in the description, these digits are the best in the market of the Nikkei index - stock market of Japan.

Last thing which we can say about the indicator is that it was created for long-term movements and it is little applicable for daily trading.