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We will study menu tabs.

In the File menu we can see the general control of the terminal. When clicking the New Diagram button couple choice submenu is opened.

Having clicked at any point, we will open the new graphic of the selected couple.

The Open Independently point allows to open the diagram from the data saved on a hard drive. By means of the Open the Remote menu item we can accidental rediscover or purposely closed graphic with all its settings.

We will assume, we have a graphic with the different set indicators. In case of its closing, the Open the Remote menu item will allow us to rediscover it.

Also, we can close the current graphic, save data on the current tool in a text format, and also save the graphic in a picture format.

The section of the Profiles menu allows us to switch between profiles, to save and open earlier saved profiles. They will be studied in details in next lessons.

The Open an Account in the menu item allows us to open a demo account directly from the terminal. The separate learning tutorial will also be devoted to it.

The last menu items allow us to unpack the graphics, and also to quit the program.

By means of the Look menu we can change appearance of our program.

We can switch the program language - to any of more than 30 languages. For example, we will switch a German language. After that, it is necessary to reboot the program.

As you see, now the program is completely translated into German. We will switch language back and we will restart the terminal.

Also, in the Look menu we can disconnect any of toolbars. For example, we will disconnect the Graphics panel. Also we can disconnect the Status line, the Panel of switching of graphics, the window "Review of the Market", "Window of Data", the Window of the terminal and the Tester of Strategy window.

Every of these sections will be devoted each of these windows.

When clicking on the last point - "Full screen" we will be able to see the terminal in zoom format.

The section "Graphics" is intended for control of a window of the selected graphic. We will study it in a separate video.

The section "Service" is intended for control of quotations of archive, software modules, and general settings of the terminal.

Also, by the tab Service, an item New Warrant, it is possible to open the transaction on any selected tool.

The Window Tab it is intended for the general control of graphics. You can open the new diagram, place windows of graphics a stage, and also place them horizontally, or vertically. Also you can select any of open graphics from the Window tab.

The section "Help" contains all necessary help information about the program.