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Graphics are used for evident idea of an infomation of dynamics of the change in price on the screen of your computer In the terminal Meta Trader exists three options of display of diagrams - lines,

price bars

and Japanese candles.

For transition from one option of display to another - use Graphics toolbar buttons.

In the first case of the price, recorded at the end of the selected temporal period - the so-called prices of closing, connect among themselves by the simple line. It is the simplest graphic which bears in itself not a lot of information on the price, such as the graphic of bars or candles, but at the same time it is rather evident and convenient for carrying out on it graphic creations.

For change of scale of the diagram you should change its temporal period or a time frame - the minimum step on a time scale on a graphics. At the Diagram Period toolbar there are buttons for fast switching between time frames.

The graphic of price bars allows to see not only the prices of closing,

but also the opening prices - i.e. the beginnings of the temporal period,

the maximum and minimum marked on the given time frame.

Principle of creation of the graphics of Japanese candles is the same as graphics of price bars. But for descriptive reasons bodies of candles are painted over in different color depending on the price for the selected period of grow or fall. If the price of closing of a candle of high price of opening, i.e. the price in the period grow - such candle is called bull.

If the candle was closed lower the price of its opening - such candle is called bear.

Colors of bars and bodies of candles can be set up in properties of the graphics, having selected one of the standard color schemes, or having set up colors by yourself.