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The template is a set of settings and preferences which the trader uses for the best analysis of the diagram on the selected trade tools. The terminal Meta Trader 4 has some standard saved templates which you can find at a toolbar, in a tab templates.

This function of the terminal helps to automate routine operation on the setup "under itself" of new trade tools and which saves your time.

In templates are remembered: a type and a color of the diagram; color scheme; diagram scale; existence of a line with price parameters of the current bar: opening price, maximum and minimum prices, price of closing of bar; the attached adviser and its parameters; the imposed user and technical indicators with their settings; the linear tools; separators of days.

You can load and try standard templates from among already available in the terminal.

If they don't suit you, set up one tool according to your desire and save a template under the name.

You will be able to use it on other, opened diagrams of tools.

Perhaps, for operation with different trade tools, you use different systems of trade. Besides, different "mood" of the market - "flt" or "trend", implies use of different indicators. Those who work in "trend" aren't so good in "flat" and vice versa. And in this case the templates will also help you. Create some templates for operation on different trade tools and with different "mood" of the market.