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For opening of a demo account, you need to select the File menu item - "To open an account"

There will be a window in which you should enter your personal data. We don't require exact introduction of all your data, but you should enter correctly your name, a surname and e-mail.

In the field score type you select server type, it is possible to leave it invariable.

If you don't know the meaning of the term "Credit Shoulder" - click "one to hundred"

It is also necessary to specify the initial deposit.

For continuation you should put a tick opposite to  "I Agree to Receive News by Mail" and click Further.

In next window you should select the server. Select the Demo server and click Further.

Your login, password of a trader and also the password of the investor will be shown to you.

You can provide the password of the investor to all people whom you want to show the results of your trade.

The password of the trader allows to make trade operations and to change settings of your account.

When clicking "Is ready" the terminal connects to the server under a new login and a password.

The letter with your personal data comes to the Mailbox tab. You should save them by any method which is convenient to you.

The demo account will be blocked if you haven't used it within several weeks.