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The system was created by Alexander Helder in 1985 and since then it didn't undergo any changes, what  tells about its reliability and wide applicability, as on stock market, and in the market Forex.

The basis of the strategy is the study of movement of the price on several temporal intervals .

Decision-making breaks into some stages in which we study different tools.

The first is selected the "average" screen. Its size corresponds to the average duration of your line item. As a rule, select a four-hour or an hour graphic. We will select the four-hour one.

As the four hour graphic is a medium-term for us, we select the day graphic as a long-term and fifteen-minute as the short-term.

We will place all three graphics on one desktop.

We will begin the analysis with the long-term, day graphic. The first task which faces us - is determination of a long-term trend. For us it will be the direction of opening of the transaction. As the system is trend we trade only in the direction of the main trend. We can determine a trend by different methods. By means of one or several averages.

By means of the chart MAKD, one or several averages.

by means of the Alligator

or by any other method. At present we can see an ascending tendency. MAKD is in the positive area and raises. The same tendency is shown also by averages.

Turning to the next one, to a four-hour screen. Here we reveal movement against the main trend. For this purpose we use any oscillator. For example, Stochastics. We see that now, the oscillator shows about a repro-reality relatively the main trend.

or by any other method. Now we see an ascending tendency. MAKD is in It is the input moment in the transaction. We will specify time when it was on a graphic. As you see, Stochastics shows a repro-reality, in case of movement of the main trend up.

"The third screen" is a choice of the exact moment of an input in the transaction. Normally it is simply a screen, without indicators where the postponed order on purchase at the time of break of the line of support or resistance. We will mark this moment on ours to fifteen minute graphics.

Here, according to the system of three screens we shall buy a currency pair. The system of three screens is instrument of earnings really powerful and fulfilled on years in the currency market. But thus you should understand that it is only a frame which each trader should add and adjust to himself. Remember - without persistent operation it is impossible to achieve success in trade in the financial markets.