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Channel strategy is usually used in addition to the main strategy of trade.

Lets start the graphic and place on it the channel of the linear regression.

The channel will hardly help you to open the first transaction. You shall open the transaction earlier, using any other strategy.

By means of a channel strategy you only open or as traders say "fill up" towards a trend each time in case of achievement of a boundary of the channel.

You trade in the channel.

Thus the signal on the opening arises in case of price hit in a zone plus minus five points from the channel line.

You can see these points on a screen.

If you open at these moments by the same lot, as in the first transaction, then at the end of a trend you receive the following earnings. On the first transaction and on the other transactions opened by the channel strategy

This strategy allows to earn money in case of the correct determination of a trend. It isn't recommended to trade before significant news and in case of supposed change of a tendency.