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For installation of a Magic Oscillator on the graphic, we will press the button Indicators at a toolbar and we will select from the appeared menu Bill Williams - Aves oscillator

We won't change the settings.

Bill Williams's (Awesome Oscillator) magic Oscillator - is the second measurement of the market. It determines a driving force of the market which also is called as the second measurement, by 5 last bars, comparing them to a driving force on the last 34 bars.

As we see, on a graphic the indicator is presented in the histogram form

Each column which is higher than the previous is colored in green color,

and in the red – each column, which below than the previous.

The magic oscillator creates three signals on purchase and three signals for sale,

which can't be used until, the first filled fractal not appear outside the Alligator's mouth.

Also, the oscillator can give a signal on purchase which is called "a saucer". The signal arises when the histogram is located above the zero line, and t changes the direction from descending to the ascending.

The column "A" should be above a column "B" and should be of any color. The column "B" should be red. The column "Ts" (signal) should be green. The signal bar - is the bar on which the signal column was formed.

For all types of signals the works the rule: we buy only if the current column is green, and we sell only if the current column is red.