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The Lari Williams is the symbol of a short-term trading. The person who annually proves that on trade in currency it is possible to earn hundreds and thousands of annual interest rates. Once he has increased the capital with 10 000 to 1 170 000 dollars in one year!

We will set on the graphic two sliding averages.

The first sliding average will be calculated on minimals of bars.

The second - on maximal bars.

As you can see, the periods on both sliding averages are equal to three.

Larry Williams's strategy consists of buying at the price a 3-bar sliding average of minimal, and of closing a line item on 3-bar sliding average of maximals.

Signals are for sale are opposite. Thus we open a line item only in the direction of trend. by sliding average maximal.

We mark on a graphics a point where the trend changes the direction.

These are the moments when we switch from purchases on a sales and vice versa. Now we will specify the entry points on 3-bar maximal and minimal.

If the trend is torn up, we buy on the line of a 3-bar minimum, take a profit on a 3-bar maximum and wait for a rollback to a 3-bar minimum.

Everything is simple. Short sales are made on the contrary: it is necessary to wait for a trend turn down, and then to sell on all 3-bar maximals and to take away profit on 3-bar minimals

Everything is simple, however the method requires an exposure and accurate following of own strategy