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Often asked questions

Investment FAQ

  • What does it take to become an investor?

    You have to have more than USD 1 on your account.

  • How does it work?

    The system of investments is founded on the simple principle: The trader trades on money of the Investor. We only made convenient system of accounting - at which the trader works most effectively, and the investor gets the maximum profit. Thus the system excludes possibility of deception. Work shares on some stages:

    1) The trader opens the account - thus he can open the real account, having put on it $100, or a demo account, without having invested means.

    2) The investor selects in what trader to invest, being guided by profitability of the trader, by total investments of other investors and other parameters.

    3) The trader trades on the account which initially created - thus transactions are copied on joint account on which money of investors lies - and already these transactions go to interbank market. I.e. for example on the account of the trader of $200. And it has $1000 investments. The trader makes the transaction on the account - 0.1 lots in size, thus on the master account actually there are $1200 and for Mezhbank there are not 0.1 lots, but 0.6 lots any more. The trader closes the transaction - we will tell when on the account there were $300 (the transaction brought $100). And the master account actually earns $600. Thus the account of the trader makes $300, and funds from investors - $1500.

    All recalculations are assumed by the program, neither the trader nor the investor can not worry routine work.

    4) If the investor decided to display profit (we will tell the trader had 5 investors for $200), any of them can remove at any time the part of profit (i.e. at the moment $300). And so any trader can invest at any time money in the trader, at any time withdraw money is will not affect a current status of the account on which the trader trades - the program itself will automatically change all current orders which are brought to interbank market. For this reason we consider our system of the best.

  • What is the minimum investment amount?

    From USD 1 for direct investment. USD 10 to reopen transactions.

  • What does it take to become a managing trader?

    You have to have USD 100 on your real account from which a managing account will be formed. After that you just have to set up an account in your Personal Area.

  • Having attached to the account of the trader, it is necessary to include MT4 to receive a signal?

    No, at other brokers, it is possible the outdated system when for copying of the transaction on your account - you have to hold constantly MT4 in opened conditioin. We created the latest system at which transactions are made directly on the server. If the trader makes the transaction - the server automatically makes transactions as on the joint investment account - and personally on your account if you joined the trader by means of reopening of the transaction. You do not need to include MT4 for copying of transactions.

  • How much do I have to pay for the right to invest?

    You pay a percentage from a fee to a trader. You do not pay anything to the Dealing Center. We receive only a spread from trader’s transactions.

  • What happens if a trader suffers a loss?

    You will suffer a loss in proportion to the trader’s loss.

  • Should I pay the trader their percentage if the trader has suffered a loss?

    No, you do not pay anything to the trader. But if you paid the trader before, these payments will not be returned later on, even if the trader suffers a loss.

  • What can I do to receive more investments?

    The best way is to receive profit. Also, a good way is to invest independently in your account. Investors will see that the amount on the account is big. Also, you can set up your own website or open a subject on a forum where you can tell about your trading activities and investment modes.

  • How can I be sure that the trader is not a beginner?

    First of all, look at the profit and amount of investments. Traders conduct trading activities in the market using their own funds, and thus they trade carefully enough. A beginner will not risk their money or will lose it fast. Choose a trader with a long history.

  • Does it make any sense to invest in a loss trader?

    Sometimes a trader’s success may fluctuate. Have a look at their history and if you see that the trader makes profit during several months and then runs losses during several months (sometimes the loss may exceed the profit), then probably it makes sense to invest in that trader at the end of their supposed failure period.

  • When the trader is able to display means?

    The trader cannot display a part of profit from the account - having only closed the account. It is made for convenience of investors. If the trader trades - that the investor always sees the current provision of the trader - from the point of view of success of the trader. If the trader wants to get profit at the trade - that of it can simply invest in itself - i.e. having created the trading account of $100 in size (or a demo account) it can simply invest in itself any amount (some successful traders invest in themselves hundreds of thousands dollars). And to remove them or to fill up at any time - without concerning the trading account.

  • If the trader is going to display means, investors receive the message on it?

    As we wrote earlier - the trader cannot display part of means, having only closed the trading account. Thus all investments automatically to return to investors.

  • Can a trader add up their profit?

    The rating of traders is based on their profit. If a trader is capable of adding up their profit, I think such a trader is worth investing in.

    Even if a trader runs losses, they can bring profit. The most important thing is to invest reasonably. In any case, the amount that a trader has brought to you can be more important than a profit on their account. Thus, the trader actually risks their money and earns money for you.