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Often asked questions


Referral links

  • How can I use my referral link?

    You can post your link in any place – in a blog, forum, or on your website. Whoever clicks the link will be redirected to our website, and cookies (special files containing information) of this person’s browser will record your agent’s number. As soon as the person opens an account, the browser checks if the cookies contain an agent’s number. If they do, the browser transfers it to our system, and the person becomes your referral.

  • How much time allowed for a person to use my link and open an account?

    Cookies are stored for an unlimited amount of time.

  • I.e. there is no limit at all?

    Not exactly. Cookies are removed in case a system is reinstalled, and the user can remove them. As a rule of thumb, we can say that cookies’ average lifetime is 4 months.

  • Where can I post my referral link?

    Wherever you like. On your website, or on a forum. You can send it to your friends to ICQ or in a letter.

  • Is spam permitted?

    Spam is strictly prohibited. If complaints are made against you, and the fact of spam is confirmed, you will be expelled from our agents and all your referrals will also be written off.