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Deposit of money

Account deposit - Visa / MasterCard

How to deposit by the dollar card?

You can deposit the trading account by dollar cash card via the website of our partners Coingate.com.
For your account was provided a Bitcoin wallet.
To see a wallet for the transmition please authorize a private office
Deposit this wallet by means of the service Coingate.com.

All that will be deposited at this wallet will be automatically enlisted into your trading account.

Deposit of Bitcoin wallet by means of the web site Coingate.com.
Visit the Coingate.com. Fill up the sum of deposit in the field “Price”. In “Your Bitcoin address” you should enter the Bitcoin wallet, specified i your personal account. After filling the form click the button “CLICK TO CONTINUE”.
At the next step you should specify your card data and follow the instructions.
Equity will be enlisted at your trading account at once at Bitcoin wallet.