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Direct investments

Any person who has registered an actual account with the Dealing Center Forexstart may become both a managing trader and an investor.

Investors may invest in any account of their choice. At the same time, their profit grows proportionally to the investor’s account. If you invest USD 10  and the trader increases their capital by 30% you will receive USD 3  irrespective of the trader’s deposit. Your profit depends on the % of the capital gain between the beginning and end of the investment.

If you invest USD 100 in the trader who has earned from USD 100 - 200  and increased the deposit by 100% (up to 400) you will receive USD 100. If you invest USD 100  in a person who has lost USD 50  (USD 50 is left in their account) and after that they recover – up to USD 100 , you will receive USD 100  (100% of gain).

In other words, your strategy may imply both investment in successful traders and investments in loss-making traders if it is supposed that the later has overcome the loss phase.

The most interesting point is that even if you suffer losses you can still make money. For the most part, a trader suffers losses because they cannot stop. If you can see that the trader loses their assets, you can easily revoke your investment, and afterwards reinvest in the loss-making trader when, for example, this trader trades excellently in expectation of news.

Direct Investments

You can invest any amount of assets (from USD 1) in a trader at any time. At the same time, this amount is debited from your account and credited to a special account connected with the trader’s account. In fact, your investments grow at the same speed as the trader’s account.


You invest USD 10  in a trader who has USD 100  on their account.
Later on, the trader increases the amount up to USD 110 USD. Your investment will total USD 11. In this case, are in consideration the equity of the trader not the trader’s balance. Namely, the equity is shown in the list:

To connect an account, click the Nick or the number of the trader’s account.

After that, click «Connect» and then introduce the investment amount in a new window.

You can stop investing at any time. In this case, your investment and the investment returns less the trader’s fee will be credited to your account. In order to control investments and return them, you have to enter the section « Account status» —«Connected accounts».

On this page you can see your investment amount, investment date, trader’s assets at the time of investment start, and current assets of the trader. By disconnecting an account you will receive your investment (in this case, USD 120 ) + profit for the period – in this case, for one day = USD 2.32, less the trader’s fee (10% = USD 0.23). You will receive USD 122.09 on your account.

You do not have to pay any fee to the Dealing Center. You can easily connect any amount to the trader again.