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Copy of Transaction

You can also invest in the trader by reopening of his transactions on your account. Thus, you can reopen transactions both on a ratio of lots, and on a ratio of equity.
For example, there is 100$ on the account of the trader. On your account there is $150. You can establish reopening of lots with a ratio from 1:10 to 10:1 with any interval (2:3, 7:2,7:6, 9:1 etc. - any figures). Thus when opening a lot on the account of the trader, on your account opens a transaction with a lot equal to a lot of the trader increasing by a ratio.

I.e. If you set the ratio 3:2, when opening by the trader the transaction on 0.4 of a lot, you will open 0.4*3/2 = 0.6 lots. Reopening by means of a ratio of means counts a transaction lot in any other manner — when opening the transaction by the trader, the ratio of your means and means of the trader is considered. In this case, it is 150/100. Transaction lot = trader’s lot* for the asset ratio. In this case, if a trader opens a transaction for 0.6 lot, you will open a transaction of 0.6 * 150/100 = 0.9 lot.

In this case, you will be able to set a specific amount in the ratio rather than all of your assets. For example, you have USD 100 in your account, but you only want to risk USD 10. In this case, you set the reopening by asset ratio and set your asset amount equal to USD 10. In this case, the transaction lot will be equal to the trader’s lot multiplied by USD 10  and divided by the trader’s assets.

The advantage of investment for the reopening of transactions consists in your ability to close transactions independently. In this case, the performance fee is calculated based on the trader’s profit. I.e. if a trader opens a transaction and it was positive for some time (for example, the positive balance amounted to USD 200) and you did not close it, and the trader closed it at the level USD +100, you will only pay a fee from USD 100  (for example, if the trader’s fee is 10%), you will have to pay USD 10. In this case, if you close the transaction at a loss, you will have to pay the fee depending on the level of profit of the trader.

This system is intended for those who are reluctant to open transactions, but at the same time are capable of writing off losses or protect profit.