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TIS (Trade Investor System)

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We present to your attention the newest system of investment. Here you can become a trader and to receive money from investments, and to become the investor - to increase your capital investing in traders.

You at the same time can be both a trader and an investor (including investing in yourself) The investor - makes investments in traders (unlimited number of traders) and its investments grow in proportion to a contribution
The trader - trades on the account and receives % of profit which makes for investors.


Trade Investor System

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  • Traders
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    You can choose 2 types of investments:

    Direct investments or Copying of transactions

    How to invest: step-by-step instruction.

    • 1.Choose a trader by your parameters from the rating of management
    • 2.Click the green button next to the nickname of trader and select the method and size of investment
    • 3.Choose the ratio of equity and ratio of lots in appeared window

    If you want to become a trader, login into your private profile select the Investments item, further Become the Trader, you can choose two types - Real or Demo account. To begin work on Real account, you should have 100 dollars. In appeared table fill in the necessary information and % of the commission which you want to receive from the investor. Further you can trade freely. If the investor has connected to you, you can get not only profit which you earned, but also commision.

    If you don't have 100 dollars, but you want to participate in TIS system. You can open Demo Trading account. For this purpose, you need to pass the first two stages of the investment program, i.e. to reach the third stage. Your account will be planned as the Demo. The trust to it will be less, you will have investors therefore we advise you the real account - and also you will increase your $100 which are invested in the real account.

    Attention: You can discuss, complain or offer something new about Investment into traders at our forum where every month the most active participant receives 30 dollars of no-deposit bonus from which profit can be withdrawn without restrictions.  More

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