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Loyality program

 Every client of our company has a unique opportunity to receive an extra benefit. The only thing you should do is to trade - the more you trade the more profit you receive.

The procedure of benefit payment:

Taking into attention the type of trading, your account will be given the particular status — silver, gold or platinum. The first Saturday of every month the trade results are summed up, and the summary lot is calculated, according to all perfect transactions. You receive the payment for each perfect lot. The amount of payment is defined by the status of your account:

The silver  — 1 dollar
The gold  — 2 dollars
The platinum  — 3 dollars
So, if the status of your account is "Gold" and in a month you have made 2040 lots, then you will be paid 4080 dollars.

How to define the status and where to search it?

The status is calculated from a summary lot* on all closed transactions for the last month. 

500 lots — Silver
2000 lots  — Gold
5000 and more lots — Platinum
* Dollar lot. For cent-based accounts the summary lot should be divided on 100.

Thus, it is viewd the status for the last 2 months and the payment of reward goes on smaller of them. You can see your current status in your personal account.