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19 december

New Year's holidays

13 december

Trade on Saturday

This week, time of trade is prolonged for 1 hour (till 2:00 MOSCOW TIME)

Change of names on of indexes

с DJI on USA30v

11 december

Change of names on metals


05 december

Transfer on favorable conditions

Interbank conditions for cross-countries

Change of swaps
Change of swaps on tools.
New tools
More than 20 new tools. Update the list in the terminal!
09 november

Replacement of names

Names of 5-unit couples have changed from XXXXXX.5 on XXXXXXv

06 november

New name of the server

We change the name of our servers for ForexServer-Real and ForexServer-Demo

29 october

To open and close transactions

On server problems, you can address to technical support
Typhoon in the USA
Due to the typhoon in the USA are possible the interruptions in communication.
07 october


"Forex star" on 8-14 of October

30 september


Webterminal's start. All opportunities are available in your browser.
The end of the 1990th is the Beginning of the active involvement of the private capital in the Forex market.

23 september

Connection Liqpay

Connection of a new system of input and output of money.

03 june


"Star of Forex" 4-9 of June