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02 july

Restrictions on output

We have inducted the following restriction: it is possible to output the money from the account to any purse from which there was an input more (not less) than 10 days ago. I.e. if you have ever (a few years ago, or last month) - made an input from this purse, it is also possible to output from this purse). If you didn't have any input of money from this purse on more then 10 days, it is impossible to input on this purse. Now, if somebody tries to steal your money from the account - he will have to input your accout (at present time, on any amount). The system will be developing. Discussion

01 july

4 of July. Change of time-work.

Due to the holiday "the Independence Day" in the USA, the trading on steal will be stopped at 17 00 GMT (19 00 North time) 

05 june

Contest "Guess the rate"

We renew the contest "Guess the rate" Now it will take place every week.

29 may

0.1$ on registration

On the web-site Forexoid.org We also remind about the promotional event on our forum

25 may

Metals. Day-off in the USA

Due to the official holidays in the USA, the trading time on metal is changing: the trading will be closed from 17:00 GMT till 22:00 GMT. The trading on USA30, USA100, USA500, USOIL, NGAS also will be stopped. UKOIL will open at 00:00 GMT 27 May. UK100 won't be available on 26 of May.

24 may

Investment programme - New rules

Attention! From today on starts new rules of Investment programme.

22 may

Failure on 23 of May

Unfortunately, today from 6 AM of the morning to 10 AM on server time there was a server failure. About 30% of our clients couldn't be connected to the server. We compensate losses to our clients as follows: at any moment you could submit an application for opening or closing of the transaction on a certain tool (having written a mail or to online a chat) and we reopened them backdating. Also, to each our client will add 0.5% in each hour of idle time (beginning from the failure beginning) - 2% totally. If all of you aren't satisfied with compensation - please, write about it on boss@forexstart.org We will sort your complaint. Please, in each complaint of request specify the sum which you have lost(as you assume).

18 may

New design

Games Forexoid.org

13 may

New logging of actions

In a profile of a trader the Log is updated - now you will know who was authorized under your login, entered or tried to remove your means. Also, if you visit the website under the other ip - there will be an exit of the profile automatically.

11 may


Now for all who registered the investment account and reached the third stage - it is possible to register a demo-management of the account in your profile - you will receive payments as an ordinary managing director. These accounts in monitoring are noted separately, also there is an opportunity to switch off their display.


08 may

Investment program

Change of rules since 25 of May. All details and discussion are at forum