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05 may

New scheme of entrance

in a private profile - you can be authorized under several accounts and it is easy to change authorization.


15 april

Change of trading

Forex market: Without changes

17 April - Market closes at 21:00 GMT
20 April - Market reopens at 22:00 GMT

17 April - Market closes at 20:00 GMT
21 April - Market reopens at 23:50 GMT

USA30, USA100, USA500, USOil, UKOil, Ngas, Copper:
17 April - Market closes at 21:00 GMT
20 April - Market reopens at usual hours

UK100, GER30, FRA40, SPA35:

18 April - Market is closed
22 April - Market reopens at usual hours

13 april


05 april

Of our clients

17 march

MetaTrader 5: Demo account in national currencies

From now on traders using the MT5 terminal have got an opportunity to open a demo account in national currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY).
For demo accounts use in national currencies it is necessary to choose one of the following groups at registration of a demo account: demo-usd, demo-eur, demo-gbp, demo-chf, demo-jpy.
Those traders who used earlier our terminal are recommended to download the new version from a site.
07 march

Time conversion

Due to the transition of the USA and the countries of Europe on summertime, server time from GMT+2 on GMT+3 (the schedule moves for one hour back, Trade begins at 1:00 on MOSCOW TIME, comes to an end also at 1:00 on MOSCOW TIME) changes.

13 february

17 of February - Day of Presidents

Time change of trading due to celebration of February 17, 2014 (on Monday) in the USA of the state holiday — Day of presidents:
Metals are closed at 20:15 (17 Feb) and open at 01:00 (18 Feb)
USA30, USA500, by USA100 are closed at 18:30 (17 Feb) and open at 01:00 (18 Feb)
USOIL, NGAS, COPPER are closed at 20:00 (17 Feb) and open at 01:00 (18 Feb)
11 february

Chinese version of a site

We begin a global expansion to China. Our new site www.forexstart.cn

09 february

0.5$ to everyone

For studying of 10 subjects about the Forex market. Details - a private office, a tab Personal information. Section "Training".

06 february

It Is possible a failure in work

On February 7 from 7:40 till 8:00, because of transition to a new assembly of the terminal (build 600) are possible failures in operation of the server.