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Internet Partner

Internet Partnership
Partner income

Whenever a client opens a trading account, he or she effectively becomes our Internet partner. You can see the statistics in the Partner Portal (combined with the portal for traders). Feel free to recommend us to your friends. If they open an account with us, you'll get a percentage of every transaction they make. There is an easy system of referral links to bring clients to the company. Add your referral link (in hidden form) to your forum signature or put up discussion threads on sites where it is allowed.

Why is it so convenient? The link you post can go to any part of our site. You can recommend our site's educational pages or our news feed. We guarantee that people who click your link, even if they don't open an account during their first site visit, will still become “your” referrals. We know how important this is for you! Not so many people open an account right away after visiting a broker site for the first time.

When someone clicks your referral link and visits our site, their browser will keep a cookie for the next six months. If that person opens an account with us during those six months, that account is your referral. If you have your own site, you can place our banner there and be sure to receive referrals. Every person you referr is a steady stream of income.

Internet Partnership

To create an Internet affiliate, you need:

  • Know your direction around the Internet;
  • Have website promotion skills;
  • Be familiar with the basics of financial markets;

The affiliate can be provided with site hosting. If necessary, the selected domain name is registered. We'll provide full informational and analytical support. We want our partners to succeed and offer them all the help we can.

Partner income:

For each transaction which «your» client has completed, you get 1 pip for all pairs that don't end with «.v». If it ends in .5, the pair is reopened directly at the bank and is traded at bank spreads. The company receives a commission of only 0.3 pips, with 0.1 pips is going to the partner.

Imagine you got 40 clients for our site. 30 of them are new, and 10 start trading larger amounts. On average, a beginner makes 40 to 50 transactions a month. The average lot size is 2.32. So you make about $10 per month per new client. If you referred 30 clients, then you get $300 a month.

The average lot size for professional traders is five times bigger, about 16.56. For ten referrals, you get about $500 a month. All together is over $800!

Your income grows in proportion to your traders' income. And eventually (hopefully!) your traders make larger deposits, bigger bets, and increase your income while doing so. Just get one client every day and by the end of the month you'll have $250 commission.

If you get three clients every day and some of them are active, you'll receive 3 or 4 times more just by the end of the first month. On average, a client trades on their account for at least six months. Do the math yourself!

Some of our Internet partners already receive thousands of dollars a month. And if you take care of clients, your profits grow by leaps and bounds! And there is no risk for you. All client support is our responsibility (they don't even know who referred them, and this does not impact their transactions or earnings in any way).

We offer the best conditions for traders. And the traders you refer will be bring you profit for years!

It is prohibited:

  • Illegal advertising
  • Spam
  • Deception (for example, promissing non-existent prizes)
  • Empty promises
  • Advertising on sites with illegal content

You may not self-refer (you cannot be your own referrer, directly or indirectly) Partners who violate these requirements will first be warned, then expelled from the partner program.