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Investment Program


Your clients don’t need to contribute their your own funds.

We deposit $100 (or 200$ if the clent specifies the promo code) at their accounts at once.

In case of successful trade we increase this sum to $100 000

We pay you 10% from all earnings that your referrals make.

At passing to the second level, the sum of  payment to the artner is $0.1

Upon transition to the third level (at performing by the referral of all conditions) - $10

Three leveled system of payment: You get 50% from earnings of a partner whom you referred and 25% of earnings from partners referred by your referral.

It's very easy

The referral has passed to the second round, you receive $0.1 (50% of profit)

The referral has passed to the third round, you receive $10 (payment happens only after performance of points 1.9 or 1.10 by the client)

The referral has passed to the fifth level, you receive $200

The referral has passed to the sixth level, you receive 10% of referral profit at invest.account (10% of credits at his real account), payment depends on work of the trader

If the trader whom you brought works with us on individual conditions - you will always receive 10% of his earnings.

There is a five-level referal program

If the referral of your referral passed to the next level, you receive 50% of earnings of your referral. i.e. Respectively $0.1, $5, $5, $100, 5%. Respectively, if its referral passed to the following level - you receive 25% of earnings of his agent. Respectively: 0.05$, $2.5, $2.5, $50, 2,5%. There are two more levels - your profit will make 50% of each following step.

In other words, if you attract 100 referrals, each of them will attract 10 referrals etc., at the same time 50% from them will be able to earn $1 from $100, and you receive $20 from $500 only from the first 3 levels:
$10 *100 +$5 *1000 +$2,5 *10000 = $31 000

If 10% from them pass to next tour, then you will double this sum. Actually we have agents who attract approximately 20-30 people in a day (it is necessary to consider that your referrals should not enter equity and just like that have an opportunity to get profit) and earn up to $4000-10 000 a month. However, ref.crediting is carried out from real accounts

That's not all:

On our website you can get a promo code (a word, actually) that you can share with your friend, colleagues and others. As long as they enter the promo code when register at http://invest.fxstart.com/registration/ they get not $100, but $200. And they will get 20 cents at real accounts. So don't worry that they will delete your referral code – they'll visit the site and will enter it. They will receive $100 more and you'll be guaranteed to be their agent.