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Partnership program

We offer three types of partnership:

Internet Partner

If you are active on forums, blogs, or have your own site, just post our referral link or banner ad. Every person who clicks becomes your referral, automatically. Every time they trade, you make money!

Regional Office

Are you a company working in finance and/or web services? We are particularly eager to work with companies in small Russian cities where there is an untapped potential for micro-Forex. You don't need to spend money to get started. We'll give you everything you need, even promo materials. Just give consultations to your clients on how to open an account.

White Label

Are you a traditional financial company looking to increase your Forex presence? Distribute your own client terminal with your company's logo, with an (increased) percentage of every transaction going to you. You become a Forex sub-broker with all the abilities of a real dealing center.

If you work with us, you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars on commissions that we pay for each transaction made by a client that you refer. Regardless of whether or not a trader makes money, you always receive a percentage of client transactions.

Tens of thousands of people join Forex and funds markets every day. Just recommend our site (“Probably the best dealing center in Russia and the former Soviet states...”) and after visitors go to our site using your referral link, they automatically become your referrals!


Media solutions

Here you can find the Media solutions for advertisment among your refirals. Your clients, who enter our web-site can earn a few cents in a few seconds and receive it on real account on registration

Promo Code

Promo code is a unique item which helps to attract referrals. It is a simple word that you can say to your colleagues, friends, and coworkers. The only thing they have to do is to enter the promo code in the relevant field during registration. For example, let us choose the word «test».

In your Personal Area, you add the promo code «test» in the section Promo code. Here, you can create a link (including a hidden link) to be distributed on fora/blog/different sites (including on your own site).