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Promo Code

Promo code is a unique item to attract referrals. It is a simple word that you can say to your colleagues, friends, and coworkers. The only thing they have to do is to enter the promo code in the relevant field during registration.

For example, let us choose the word «test».

In your Personal Area, you add the promo code «test» in the section Promo code. Here, you can create a link (including a hidden link) to be distributed on fora/blog/different sites (including on your own site).

You write any text in the customer acquisition text. This word will be displayed on the site to which you set a link. The address is an address to which a client will be redirected after clicking the link.
Secret link is a technique when the client does not know that they are clicking the link with the referral addition (generally, it can be inserted only in your own site). The link transforms to a referral link only when clicked, and a normal user cannot track their becoming your referral.


Furthermore, you have two ways to distribute the link:

The first one. You say to your friends/acquaintances or just on a forum that during registration your promo code can be entered in a special field: https://www.forexstart.com/account/open or http://invest.forexstart.com/registration

In this case, if they enter this code, 20 cents will be credited to their real account (this money can be traded and earned a profit on), and USD 100 (USD 200, not USD 100) will be credited to their investment account.


Whether our client introduces the word in a special field or uses the referral link, such a client will become your referral anyway, and you will receive a fee from each transaction performed by such client.

The number of the promo code is not limited for your account. It will give you a lot of opportunities for research.
For example, you have two sites and you create two tags:

Later on, you will have 10 referrals, and you will have the information of the referral links they used and registered. For example, 2 persons from site1 and 8 persons from site2. You can also create two separate tags for oral transmission, for example:

After that, you mention one tag in one company and another in the other company and research the statistics. You can transmit all the tags simultaneously either orally or using links in different forums.

Attention: The introduction of a referral tag directly before registration is a more reliable manner than the link, because the link will depend on cookie settings in the client’s browser (there is no problem with this in 98% of cases).

We do not limit the lifetime of cookies in a browser. If your client used your link it will be assigned to you until such client reinstalls their browser or the entire system.

You can create a promo code in the partner section of the trader’s area (in the menu «For Partners» the option «Promo code»).