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Regional Department

Start your own high-income Forex business, bringing you serious money for years and years!

Actually, you are setting up a dealing center in your city. You won't even need to worry about the legal parts, technical support for users, or cash flow. Just represent our interests in your city and focus on getting clients to step in the door. You get about 30% of the spread – every client you bring generates the same profit for you as for us. The rest goes to the bank that puts the funds on the market.

The clients you bring will get 24-hour technical support and quick help, always getting answers to their questions. You don't have to pay for dealers, analysts, back office, or backstop client positions. We'll do that all for you.

You can represent several brokerages at once, and get profits from all traders.

To become our regional department, you should

  • Live in the chosen city
  • Have an office to receive clients
  • Have Internet access to contact us
  • Have the drive to get ahead in business

To recruit clients you can want to organize demo lessons to show future traders how does the Forex market work. As a rule such classes allow increasing income by hundreds of percent.

What you need to set up classes:

  • Several computers
  • Broadband Internet (≥512 Kbit/sec)
  • Company that officially offers consulting services (as reflected in its charter)

Introductory Broker setup

What we give to you:
  • Detailed learning materials (course curricula, etc.)
  • Full advertising support
  • Hosting and website (YourCityName.forexstart.com)
  • Email address (SelectedName@forexstart.com)
  • Link to you from our site's homepage
  • Promo materials, if necessary