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White Label

Build your business with us

White Label Partnership is perfect for companies and large financial institutions that want to offer services for accessing international financial markets under their own brand name.

Partners get an individualized trading platform (Client module), and their own management platform with all the information for their clients. Actualy, White Label Partners are not our clients, we just provide outsourcing by certain issues (by agreement). Also we can help with building of the system Site-Terminal

With White Label, you get a wide range of tools and instruments for working with clients, including the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, 24-hour transaction support, and a reliable back office.

Advantages of White Label

  • Quick project startup
  • Create your own partner payment schemes 
  • Client info is confidential
  • Free Metatrader and updates.

It will be a mini account trading center. In fact, at this stage of development of the financial market it is the best investment tool.

Our program is also great for traditional finance companies which want to become a dealing center, quickly.

It will be also interesting for Internet companies that have regular dealings with finance and web inteligent people: e-money exchanges, analytical sites, companies with brokerage and consulting services, etc.