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Forex debate in a format 1 vs 1
Protect your point of view at FXring! In dispute with the opponent prove the audiences of a ring your rightness! If the audience supported you by majority - you are a winner! The prize fund is shared between two participants of a ring according to result of vote (Example: voted 100 people 60 "for", 40 "against". 60% of a prize fund is received by the leader of vote and 40% the outsider).

Prize fund: $100


There is no subject for ring yet

It is availible

To discuss a subject proving only 
on your point of view
To confirm your arguments visually
To show profitability

It is forbidden

Insult the opponent

Discuss of foreign subjects
To interrupt each other and the leader
Advertize third-party brokers
For violations of a ban is a full disqualification