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Segregated Accounts


ForexStart offers to its clients a unique service, to open segregated accounts that enable the protection of the client’s capital from any force majeure risks associated with company activity. In a generally accepted sense, the term “segregated account” means storing clients’ assets separately from the company’s assets. ForexStart has developed a new standard to guarantee the safety of assets as a part of opening segregated accounts according to the following principle:

The owner of the segregated trade account in ForexStart can store 70% of their deposit on their bank account or on the account of their authorized representative. At the same time, they can perform transactions with the entire amount of their deposit until there is a sufficient security margin to do so.

A client wants to have a segregated account for USD 150,000  with ForexStart. Having opened an account, the client orders the segregated account service and submits the required documents. After the service is approved by the company, the client only has to meet two conditions in order to obtain USD 150,000 on their account:

  • Transfer 30% to the account, i.e. USD 45,000;
  • Send bank statements confirming the availability of the remaining amount, i.e. USD 105,000 in the bank account.

Having met these conditions, the client immediately receives a trading account for USD 150,000; in this case, 70% of this amount is stored on its personal bank account, i.e. this amount is protected from any force majeure risks that the Company may become exposed to.

The segregated account system of ForexStart provides its clients with complete protection and a guarantee of asset safety that under no circumstances may exceed the guarantee provided in case of keeping client assets in their own bank account.

A minimum amount of the deposit on the segregated account is USD 100,000.00.

In order to formalize the subscription to the segregated account service, you should send an enquiery to segregated-accounts@forexstart.org.