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Contest "Travel with ForexStart"


Our clients with our flag travel in those places which are interesting to them. All trips should be approved in advance, in this case we compensate part of costs - from $100 to $10 000. Maximum payment at the moment is $5000. Attention: travel is not paid if before the traveling we did not approve the exact price of payment.

38 people
took part in competition
100 $ - 10 000 $
prize to each participant
12 000 km
were overcome by travelers

Promo "Our flag from an angry dog" Krasnoyarsk route Shulgina Elena
Ala-Arch - Kegeta - the Snow-storm Promotion "Our FLAG" Nsk-Bel-Tav
The city Mountain-skiing basis Oruu Sai Balaklava - Donetsk
Sultan Fazilov Maxim Beketov Pakistan
Majorca Bali USA