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We give to everyone opportunity to earn a bonus of $50 in size.

It is necessary for receiving a bonus:

  • To enter number of your trading account, volume of the closed transactions on it in total has to reach 10 lots (for dollar accounts) or 1000 lots (for the tsentovykh of accounts).
  • To attach photos, to specify the name and coordinates of a place. In the photo you have to be represented, the place has to correspond to the declared.
  • After a while the moderator will check your photos for compliance to rules, anyway you receive the notice of result of check on e-mail.
  • In case of successful verification of the photo will be published on the general card, and bonus $50 will be enlisted into the specified trading account.
  • If photos won't undergo testing - you can resend them, having eliminated the failure reasons, or to send the new. Pay attention that you can't send the photo if your photos are already published or if you didn't receive the response to the previous inquiry yet.
  • Hurry to send your photos the first as the maximum quantity of the published photos from a certain area is limited!
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