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Contest "Forex Star"

Last Contest Winners

Every participant receives 5000$

Leverage 1:200

By results of week contest the winner becomes the person who managed to earn most of all. The winner of the contest "Forex Star" cannot participate further in the contest "Forex Star".

Registration at the contest lasts 2 weeks, but charge of funds for the competitive account and respectively trade begins with the beginning of the contest.

Server: ForexStart-Real
Participation in contest isn’t free and costs $0.1
Attention: Multiple registration is forbidden Starting date: 02 april 2018 00:00
Expiration date: 06 april 2018 23:59
Attention! MT4 Server time.


The first place — 300$

(not withdrawabal will be charged off in case of withdraw)

Winners of the contest "Forex Star" should send a video, within two weeks after announcement of results:
On video should be and the photo should have a view of a significant place of your city (the rural settlement, the village), and you should say the following text: Good afternoon. I am the winner of the contest FXstart. I took X  place in the contest FXstart which was held from X to Yr. I am in XXX (the settlement name) near YYY (the name of sight or simply the district name)"

For participation in competition fill a form

Not less than 5 symbols, Should present the figures and Latin letters

It is also necessary to specify the trading account on our server